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Is your staff trained, hired and scheduled by Trio?

Our staff is hired and trained by us and familiar with our standards and expectations. They know our different types of service and are extremely professional. They are knowledgeable of our product and are able to inform your guests intelligently. In the case we need additional staff for our larger events we only use our preferred professional staffing service.


May I pay the rental directly?

As part of our event planning service we will connect you with all our preferred vendors. All rental equipment and supplies will be delivered to and picked up at the venue sight. Each event is unique therefore our guidelines are flexible to each event.


What is the service charge vs. gratuity?

Gratuity is at the discretion of our clients, and we do not automatically charge a gratuity. Service charge covers preparation labor, event management and service staff, and post event duties. If additional time is needed to extend your event, we ask that you let us know 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end time.


Do you prepare the food onsite and do you prepare all the food yourself?

All our food is prepared in our state of the art catering kitchen and studio. All our dishes are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients, no exceptions. Some dishes will be finished onsite to insure optimum quality and presentation. All dishes are prepared by Executive Chef Jason Harper and his staff.


A convenient bite passed to your guests butler style.  This style of service works well with warm or cold appetizers, soups, snacks and desserts.  Butler passed is a nice way to welcome your guests, surprise them during the event or a treat as a farewell.  



Typically presented on a centrally located table or station.  Displays provide a dramatic culinary welcome for your guests and invites them to help themselves at their leisure.   Unobtrusive and simple, it works well for a small group, or combined with tray-passed for a larger group or extended cocktail event.



Steward-attended food stations prepare plates to order and present them to your guests.  This versatile style affords a personalized service while maximizing the social experience for your guests.  A variety of stations is sure to have something for everyones palate.



Unique style to TRIO.  This combines the strengths of both tray-passing and station service.  Our Chef will prepare small ‘tastings’ served in unique ways directly to your guests butler style requiring no set-up in the event space and allowing gusts to enjoy a plated nosh where ever they are sitting, lounging or standing.



Classic and elegant, this is the most labor-driven style of culinary service.  Courses are prepared and plated in the kitchen, then delivered to each of your seated guests.  Seated service is very personal, making it a favorite for more formal affairs.



This style of service combines a served first course, then station service, which offers the guests more variety of culinary creations and then completes with a served dessert and coffee service or dessert and specialty coffee is showcased as a station.



Reminiscent of Spanish tapas bars, this unique style of interactive service is a crowd pleaser.  Your guests actually sit down at the tasting  bar of choice and chose from our tasting menu.  Watch each plate prepared to order by our culinary team!  This is very upbeat and social style of entertaining that combines our Tasting Plates with wine pairings.



Back to the table with family entertaining.  Waiters bring platters of hot from the oven foods and place on the table for the guest to share.  This is perfect choice for a more casual and familiar environment.  

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